Gtx 1650 super?

can someone confirm that this card work well with the latest version of Blender ?


not the fastest one but don’t really need a super card anyway!

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I don’t think any current card would have problem with Blender these days.

It’s what I’m using and it works fine for modeling game assets.

Blender renders using cycles are more CPU heavy. You’ll want a good cooler if plan on doing animations.

*** update ***

apparently I don’t have the GPU selected in options. Tried it and it worked okay but still slow for cycles.

What you mean? i am significantly faster in my RTX3060 than in a Ryzen 5800 in Cycles.

Good to know, 5800x and 3060 or 6600 is the setup I want but haven’t been able to due to lack of supply and outrageous prices. I’m on 3700x / 1650 super.

When I run cycles my CPU usage goes up to 100% in large scenes. I’m curious for cycles render device what options are you using? I have mine set to none which might explain the high CPU usage. I haven’t messed with the option much since I mainly use Evee and only for light modeling and rendering.

**** update ****

So I turned on the GPU option and my CPU wasn’t doing all the work. It’s really slow with a 1650 but it works.

I bought a laptop not individual components for a desktop.
I forgot to say i am using the Cycles X in the 3.0 Alphas.

The faster one is actually CPU+GPU set it in Preferences>System>Cycles render Devices> Optix Tab select CPU+GPU

In render properties
Cycles, experimental, GPU compute
Denoiser: Optix

still looking for and off the shelf average PC with GTE card
with AMD processor

but not easy to find something not too expensive
and good price / performances LOL

will keep looking
Best buy has some but still a bit expensive
have to find other sellers with good price / performance

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do you know if the 1650 GPU can use other CPU memory to continue rendering or it crashes on not enough memory ?

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Cuda will do out of core when you memory runs out. There is a performance penalty of course.

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Regarding the out of core rendering, if my knowledge is not outdated, this only applies to geometry. If the card can’t hold both geometry AND textures in its VRAM, then you are stuffed. So, while out of core is technically available, it is not like you have unlimited access to use your system RAM. Also, as Kolloom said, you will notice performance degradation, which may be significant.

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Cycles with CUDA can use system RAM if you have enough RAM available, with a render time penalty, as you have been told before.

I want to make a correction about what i said above, i discovered that RTX 3060 alone is actually faster in Cycles X version from 1-2 weeks - one of first Blender 3 Beta- than RTX3060+5800H cpu.

RTX3060:12 seconds.
RTX3060+5800H:13 seconds
5800H: 3min 06 sec.

i’m waiting 2 bids
will see if it comes out at a reasonable price and availability !

thanks for feedback

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