Gtx 470

I have installed a gtx 470 in my mac pro 2009 but the gpu wont show up in blender. Is this card too old? I got it from HTwizard on ebay who claims the card is fully compatible and has like 450 cuda cores. I have updated all the lates drivers and cuda drivers.

I have a 460 on Windows and Blender detects it and Cycles make use of it.
It is probably some driver issue.
Have you pulled down a recent Blender build from

It must not be compatible. The ebay thing said “mac edition” but its just a hacked pc card. bummer.

Perhaps install Bootcamp, and run Windows whenever you want to speed up rendering in Cycles? Though I am not certain whether a hacked 470 will function properly in Windows…

It actually works pretty good now. It renders faster than my 2.66 nehalem quad core. What I diddnt know was ypu have to download a blender build from graphicall that has cuda.

Just to be sure, check that your select proper compute device in last User Properties tab, and change to “experimental”, GPU at Integrator settings.

It actually works under supported with the build I got from graphicall

send me build for blender from graphicall Link please

This is a very old thread, what are you looking for?
Here you can find all Blender releases:

GTX 470 no longer has CUDA support, you will not be able to use it for Cycles GPU rendering for Blender 2.8 and higher. You can use GTX 470 with Blender 2.8 in solid mode and for Eevee, but perhaps with some limitations due to the low amount of vRAM.
GTX 470 card should work with Blender 2.79 even for Cycles.