GTX 650 Performance

Hello everyone…

I want to buy Nvidia Card, GTX 650 (not TI) series to replace my old HD 4850,
ATI cards is lack for Cycles render as far as i know. So it’s good to buy Nvidia card.
What do you think about this card guys ?
If you have experience with this card, share it to me… Maturnuwun

Greetings from Indonesia

note : Maturnuwun is java languange of Thank you
Sorry for my bad english.

I happen to own a GTX650 1GB and I am very happy with it. Its definetly tons faster than using cpu for cycles and its also quite cheap.

it takes a few seconds to render a basic cube with 1000 samples. It works great with blender and I even use it on linux / ubuntu 12.

It even works well with webgl which is for internet browsers. So definetly a happy experience.

Hello from Greece to the beautiful Indonesia :slight_smile:

Thanks kilon…

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