GTX 680 GPU clock problem

Hi guys,

I recently built my gtx 680 machine with an i7 2700k etc and it works fine. bf3 on 80 fps on ultra but i’m havin problems with the blender game engine. As you might know the GPU clock goes down if windows is running to 324 MHZ and scales up to 1096Mhz while running games etc. But when I try to run my blender game the clock just won’t go up and the framerate is stuck at 30 fps. Also in the external player it does not work. So any ideas. You probably won’t have a clue but I thought it’s worth asking.

Complete guess but have you tried making a profile for Blender in the Nvidia control panel? You may be able to sort it that way.

Hey… sorry, I can’t help you with your problem, but I would like to know how fast is cycles with this card?

I have the same problem with mine gtx 550ti. With the external player the gpu load is around 24% running my game in fullscreen mode.Switching from fullscreen to window mode in the same resolution fixes the problem. I downgrade the driver to an older version(dont remember which) and it works,but playing video files was broken(2fps),then revert the driver.
My guess - its not Blender, its OpenGL support in nVidia drivers, that is broken, so we just have to wait a newer release with this issue fixed.

@Rubbernuke - I tried almost everything that is possible with Nvidia control panel options…doesn’t work.

Maybe your graphic card is too expensive for blender to work on it, eheheheeh, Im kidding I dont know.

Its strange, my 460GTX works just fine. It all does sounds like some strange OpenGL problem, and I think (unfortunately) you have to wait for newer drivers since the initial versions of drivers quite often are rubbish (I saw a performance jump of nearly 5% once!).