GTX 680 issues.

I have a GTX 680 and I am trying to use cycles in 2.63rc1. The problem is it doesn’t work. 2.63 is supposed to be aware if these cards. What’s the deal?

M. Lightning

The problem is it doesn’t work.
Can you give a more useful description of the problem ?
Any solution given can only be as good as the question asked.

This is what blender is telling me when I try to use live render with cycles and my GPU.

Hi, there is a build for kepler from dingto for windows 64.
Test it.
As far as I know in the 2.63 release the kepler cards are not supported because of problems with older cards and cuda toolkit 4.2.
If you are on linux it is not a problem with latest drivers and cuda toolkit 4.2 for linux.
On linux the render kernels are build on your system at first render and use the installed toolkit.

As Richard mention you should put your system specs, driver version and error messages in your post.
And of course your OS. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib.

Edit: No cuda 4.2 compatible kernels is the 2.63 series as I mention.

Thank you for the responses guys. I have figured out what the issue is. I need to have the 3.0 kernel added. So I downloaded it and put it in my cycles/lib folder and it worked great.

I know I was vague on my system specs but I didn’t want response limited to what I have. I wanted a broad range of options.

M. Lightning