Gtx 680 or quadro 4000

I wonder about buying gtx 680 or nvidia quadro 4000. What would you rate the graphics card for better and more efficient in blender. Mainly card will be used to view and rendering.

Blender don´t profit from quadro cards but cycles profits a lot from the GTX 680.
The Fermi GTX 500 cards are about 20% faster than the GTX 600 atm. but for the prize of a quadro 4000 you get nearly two GTX 680/70.

Cheers, mib.

As mib2berlin said, the Quadros do nothing special for Blender. I would like to emphasize though to get a GTX 580 (preferably one of the 3GB versions) instead of the 680 for rendering as it really is noticeably faster and more stable.

The gtx 580 3gb card supports the view, and sculpting?

Yes, it certainly does. The GTX 680 will give slightly better performance for sculpting and the viewport. However, it isn’t enough of difference to sacrifice the render speed for (at least in my opinion).