GTX vs RTX 2.90.0 Optix Denoising

2.90.0 Optix denoising is kind laggy with GTX when moving objects/lights, no lag issue while Optix denoising off. Is this lag only occurs with GTX cards or that’s just how it works?

My setup: GTX 1080 Ti & GTX 1070

The Optix denoising code, I think was originally written by Nvidia to make use of the new RTX cores in the Turing architecture. They later updated the software so it could run on Pascal cards (though a bit more slowly because it would have to run on the CUDA cores).

The new 3xxx cards should be a good time to get into RTX technology, as like usual, it removes many of the warts and other issues that inevitably come with first-generation tech. Just to note, the reason why CUDA cores are a bit slower with these calculations is because the RTX cores were designed from the ground up for pathtracing/raytracing and related functions (as opposed to the somewhat more generalist nature of CUDA).

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