gtx1080ti GPU rendering unstable - but machine stable otherwise

Hi just wondering if anyone has any ideas for me to try… got a nice machine with a 1080ti, a new 8 core CPU (i7-7820x i think?) and lots of ram etc. Running Windows 10.

The machine is very stable playing 3d games and in general use - very rarely it might not wake up from sleep but thats it. No overclocking being done.

But in blender I resort to CPU rendering which is such a shame. Got latest nvidia drivers etc but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Using latest stable and latest daily build of blender and both seem the same in stability rendering. Basically it’ll crash perhaps during render every 2nd time or so. Also get quite a few glitches in the gui and render window whilst’s its happening (weird triangles flashing from bottom left corner etc).

With the new daily build that can render using CPU and GPU at the same time its even more desirable to get this working! In my tests my renders are nearly twice as fast when they don’t crash! :slight_smile:

So yeah any advice appreciated - I assume GPU rendering should be more stable than this?

Is it just Blender that crashes or the whole PC. The only thing I can think of is under full load when rendering, the card may be demanding more power and it’s then when it crashes. What PSU do you have? for a 1080 I’d imagine you’d need a minimum 750Watt.
Also, try running a GPU monitoring software, to see what sort of temperatures and load your card is working under.