GTX650/GTx550Ti - Is it worth the money?


Yes, I know… yet another thread about buying graphic cards… :smiley:

I’m about to buy a new video card and after reading through different threads, I narrowed it down to the GTX 650 and GTX 550 Ti. To be honest, this is about the price I’m ready to pay for a new card since I’m merely a hobby Blender “cyclist”.

Would you guys say it is worth it or should I save the money for something else? Will this bring any improvement in render times compared to the CPU rendering on my current i5 [email protected]? If so, which one should I choose? Are there any alternatives in the price range of 100 Euro?

Many thanks in advance!

skip it, save money for top card

Thanks, Storm!

Sorry if this was not clear… It’s about the fact that I don’t WANT to pay more for a card then about saving up for longer time. If these are not worth the money, it’s likely I won’t buy anything.

I realize there is always a better option but for a hobbist, would these be worth it?

I have a gtx 560 and there is a huge speedup over my old core2quad processor. But the difference between the 550ti and your i5 CPU won’t be that big. Don’t know if it’s worth the money…

Thanks Benny and Marek! Having a closer look at the benchmark table I see that even with an i5, the render times on a 550Ti are in the range of 20-30% of the CPU render time… Can you confirm this?

@Marek: So you are saying that a GTX 560 would make a difference while the GTX 550 Ti might not be worth the money?

No, I just say that the 550 ti card is slower than the 560 and the i5 is probably faster than my C2Q, so the performace boost would not be that big in your case. But on the other side 100 euro is really not much so even if it render twice as fast it would be well spent money :slight_smile: but it’s really up to you how much it’s worth to you…

Got it! Thanks! :slight_smile: