GTX970m SLI 6GB vs GTX980m 8GB

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what hardware would give me better results in terms of rendering speed:

2 gpus with 3gb each (970m SLI) or 1 gpu with 8gb (980m)? Im aware that having two gpus might be a better choice from what i have read before but i was wondering if anyone would know the difference when it came to the RAM as well. Is more ram better than having more gpus?

I wanted to get a laptop to focus on learning blender and i cannot make up my mind between the gigabyte p37x (980m) or the aorus x7 pro (970m SLI).

Blender does not use SLI for multiple gpus. If you enable it the performance may be worse that if SLI was disabled.
When you 2 x gpus each with 3GB ram, the total useable RAM will still be 3GB not 6GB

All right thanks a lot for the reply! But just for clarificaiton, even without sli will blender use the two gpus but not take advantage of all ram available?

Hi, VRAM is not added.
If you have 3 4 GB cards Cycles can use only 4 GB for render.
Cycles use all cards to render in your system.

Cheers, mib

All right guys, thx for the info, really appreciate!