Guanyin (a Bodhisattva)

hi,I model and rig this character in blender,render with cycles gpu。
I use the cloth system to simulate the clothes。
welcome to my blog

Wonderful work! :eek: I’m definitively not a religious guy (British euphemism.) but I love your icon. You’re spot on for the style, somewhere in between photorealism, the perfection of a statue and the impossible.

Fix your bump maps which are too strong and I’ll give you 5 stars… despite the bit of noise and the (IMHO) too cartoony lotus flower.

However, I strongly recommend to show us some wireframe or, at least, a snapshot from the geometry in Blender or else some people won’t believe you made it. :wink:

I visited your site too. There’s some really good work over there too. My other favorite is the dancer in the blue dress.

Keep on the good work! :yes:

thank you kaluura ,this is the wireframe of this character. thanks to the subsuf modifier I can simulate the clothes in high-res mesh while retaining it’s original low-res mesh。

@imdjs, do you have this as a blend you could share? I’m looking for a Kuan Yin and your’s looks great.

Hi imdjs, Are you sharing this blend? Would love to have it if at all possible.

A very nice, and tasteful, rendition of this important religious figure.

sorry @mabehr this model is not on sell or sharing. if you can use the QQ,which most chinese use for communication, maybe I can help you. my QQ number is 503244469

looks really well ,nice work. Maybe the background is a little plain…