Guardian del dios RA. Guardian of the god RA

Hola mi nombre es Pablo y este es mi primer post en el sitio de trabajos finales.
Tiro un par de imágenes para que puedan ir viendo…
Espero les guste.
Cuando termine de hacer los renders 360 de la cámara al rededor del personaje , coloco el video final en youtube.
Esta modelado, esculpido, y pintado en la nueva blender 2.57.
Motor de render: Blender Render.
Texturas the gimp 2.6

Hello my name is Paul and this one is my first post in the site of final works.
I throw a couple of images in order that they could see…
I wait they like it.
When it stops making 360 of the chamber the renders to the neighborhood of the caracter, I place the final video in youtube.
This one moldeling, esculpting, and texture painting with the new blender 2.57.
Engine of render: Blender Render.
Textures the gimp 2.6.




Wow, great work, I’m a big SG-1 fan, shoes look a little boxy and the shadows are too sharp and dark though. Great work though, can’t wait to see your youtube vid :slight_smile:

Hello jackblack!
I like that you like my work.
I do not understand well SG-1?, It exists sg-2?, of being like that ready me the relating link please!
I also am a fanatic of this movie
ok byeeeeee

Stargate SG-1 (usually jsut refered to as SG-1) is a TV Show that was based on the move Stargate. Great show, you should check it out, here’s an online tv channel that streams the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis (a spinoff of SG-1) series. >>><<<

There’s also a show called Stargate Universe, it didn’t last nearly as long as the other two Stargate series. I don’t know if any of it is a available in Espanola.

This one is the video 360 about the character


i’m a stargate fan too… very goodjob (nice avie, lol)