Hi all blender artist
He is guardian in ancient temple. :wink:
I will make Uv maps and texture…
Please, you write some critique. :smiley:


Final model:

I don’t really like his fingers, they seem too choppy or edged compared to the style of the rest of the mech.

You also seem to be following the concept design pretty closely. While thats nice to do, if you didn’t draw that concept yourself, I’d suggest putting some of your own stylistic ideas into it.

Ditto on the above about the fingers.

Other than that I think he has a nice shape. Maybe a little too “round” on his torso ? (it looks like he’s a little fat, even if I doubt that robots can be fat, lol)

Fingers yes! … they just don;t seem to fit the model… :slight_smile: otherwise looks very nice. Also not sure if its just the camara angle but the his legs look to small and maybe to thin…

I want huge robot, because he is little fat. :wink:
I improve fingers and legs. It is possibly better.
I make environment.

Small update with texture. :wink:

This is coming along nicely!
The texture fits the scene perfectly. Though it looks as if there ain’t much activity in the temple :smiley: