Hi :smiley:

This is my guardian.
He is guardian in ancient temple.

Neat style to it :smiley:
The texture does it’s job. I have a couple of crits though, as always :wink:
The floor looks like pillows, and either door is VERY large, or he is tiny. Need something to define the sizes I think.
Keep it up! :thumbup:

Hey this guardian reminds me of the one in Marchen … :-? I think that’s how you spell it. (Marchen is a japanese anime about a enthusiastic yellow hair kid who keep having these dreams about a fantasy place. One day at school he was transported to his dream fantasy grounds by means of cross dimension travel)

I agree, the ground does look sorta soft, or is that how the castle is designed? :slight_smile:

But the door looks just fine. That’s how they’re in stories if you’ved watched a lot of anime. I’ve seen bigger, godzilla I tell ya ^_~ He’s a guardian right? and he’s protecting something big I take it? If you ask me, I think the door should be enlarged more :wink:

I do have a criticism and one question though Slange, hope you don’t mind me saying this but, I think you’re missing some shadows under the guardian or I think I can see it but it’s not dark enough?

As for the question, it puzzles me that why do doors like these don’t have any handles to open them? I mean what if the door can only be opened by pushing it open from behind the doors (fromt his current view right now). Maybe I should ask the engineers from that century %|

But anyhow, it looks cool.


i think more dynamic lighting would polish this one off, and maybe add some NOR to that chipped paint texture to give it some depth.