Guatemala Mud Lizard

Done with Blender 2.4. Post work done in Macromedia Fireworks. Rendered with Yafray.

Everything done by hand, from textures too colouring. I wanted to try on detailed sharp images.
I think i did well, accept i should have used displacement in some areas instead of bump. Suprisingly the image looked better with out GI. I would really appreciate any feed back, thanks guys.
BTW, this is a fictional creature.

*Click to enlarge image


maybe try a different lighting setup… it looks too much like a picture taken with a flash on the camera: shallow and lifeless… i think if you used a nice setup with some more contrast it would look better. just a thought.


Um you can tell exactly where the neck and head meet, it would look alot better if the transition was alot longer and not so abrupt. Other then that i think the model looks good :slight_smile:

also maybey change the eye to have more depth, perhaps find a piture of a lizard and copy the iris shape and such…

i think it looks awesome. :smiley: nice texture.