Guciasy kradną TT

hi… this is my last work

[>] and this is my gallery on


Haha, that is sooo cool :smiley: :D. The car model is very nice and clean and the little guys make the scene a lot more interesting and even very funny. Very well done.

The little guys remind me of the Simpsons, don’t know why though, problebly the colour :).

I think I like the red one better for the blue one is so cold colored.

Well done.

Really good renders, i also prefer the second one.
But isn’t there some noise on the wheels ? It is strange because there is noise nowhere else, so it looks quite strange to me. Or maybe the texture you used was noisy, don’t know.
Anyway this is a pretty good job.

Welcome to elYsiun!

Excellent work all around! The rendering quality is great. I like how you mixed the realisitic with the absurd.

I add my vote to the others: I think the second one is better of the two renders. The warm light is nice, and the background is more interesting.

Also, the “Tea Time” image in your gallery is fantastic!

I like the second picture tool has a feeling to it.

The little guys make it amazing, realistic car with crazy guys in it. I love the little guy with the base ball bat makes the scene superb to me. :smiley:

Really good. I’m gonna join the rest and say I prefer the second one.

Why not have ‘before and after’ shots? you’ve got the ‘before’ shot already, but then have one with a dented Audi and a guilty-looking creature!

Who in their right mind would leave Gir near a car ?

Great work though, really funny and impressive.

hehe thx everybody for comments :smiley:

p.s.a little yellow guy is 3d version of my avatar on forum :wink:


the car is amazing and the little dudes make it even better. Keep it up!

Great scenes in the gallery. I really enjoy them. HOw long have you been using blender for?

I use blender 365 days :slight_smile: this work: 3 days for compositions, 6 days for lighting, texturing, and searching good materials and making finish effect and making lots of beta-renders :slight_smile: