Guerilla Render v1 Released - Get one free commercial license

thanks pitiwazou… does someone plan on doing some english tutorial?

Sorry, you have to learn to speak french ^^ Like I learn to speak english ^^

Guerilla’s team is making some tutorials in english, you just need to wait :wink:

Look my tutorials, you can understand with the video, it’s not complicated.

Sure I am already looking at them, I can pick up the concepts. And I really like languages in general, I would like to speak french too but did not have occasion to learn it for real still… Hope I will do soon! :slight_smile:

Any chance you could put these on Vimeo and make them downloadable? :wink: I really appreciate the tutorials, thank you very much.

Sorry I cannot, I don’t have a premium account and you can download them with some chrome addons I think.

well why can’t you download them from youtube?

if you drag and drop an obj from blender, into the gorilla viewport… need to export at 62.50

Can I render animation with corona? I tried drag and drop fbx. Will it process batch files? I do not see how.