guerrilla warfare

Hey, first post in a longtime, but i started this last night and i thought i would post what i have so far, as the name suggest i intend to make a short little demo where by the player has to battle through a forest enviroment to a guerrilla base and destroy it etc etc…

i intend to have large areas of foilage and maybe a river and some underground tunnels… also i will make this map good for sniping since its my favourite thing in FPS games.

i have a long way to go, but its only taking 1 night of work to get this far, so i dont think itll be too bad overall. im looking for maybe one or two more people to help out a little when it comes to logic, animation, rigging etc. i dont really need any help at the minute modelling everything, but if anyone wants to jump aboard and take some work, then just say!

Link to work (first few screenshots)


The screenies look awesome!

Looks very good! It looks a lot better than a lot of the crap on these forums. Keep up the work!

thats not very nice mister :slight_smile: lookin good so far, I like the gun model, looks nice

holy smokes, thats amazing!! great work!! What FPS are we talking here?

Stunning work, for only one night. Well, stunning period :smiley: pm me if you need some wit anything.

Wow, great work so far. The gun looks sweet by the way. P90?

Whoot! P90 from Stargate! (only seasons 1 to 8, after that it got weird…) looks awesome so far! and good luck with the A.I! How are you with python?

looks nice, the ground texture has some stretching on the slopes, and you might wanna mix in some other materials (some dirt paths, different types of grass, stone on the steeper parts, etc) to make it more interesting looking.

also, matt, how’s stargate related to this? I’m a bit confused…

looks great now can’t wait to see it with all the foliage.

hey all, thank you for the replies.

about texture stretching i need to rework the landscape, im only using 1 1024x1024 texture on there at the moment, once i find out where everything is going and once i get teh foilage in there ill start to add the extra details.

yea the gun is a p90, best looking gun around i think :smiley:
just modelled a m40 sniper rifle (link below)

anyone know where i can find scripts or tutorials on creating tress in blender for use in real time?

im thinking of having pretty tall tress and since its a heavily wooded trees the leaves/ branches wont start until near the very top so they wont need to be super detail…

quick overview of what i want to add

old ruins

one enemy camp based in one of the smallish lakes.
one enemy camp based on solid ground surrounded by foilage and big trees.
one tunnel going through out the whole map with multiple exit/ entry wholes.

light rays coming through trees, casting shadows on ground etc.
realistic looking and reacting* water
normal mapped terrain, guns, trees and characters*
DOF and motion blur*

  • = if i get that far :wink:

well that is all for now i think, ill update when ive got some more work done
actaully i started making a enemy platform that will be in one of the lakes, but i havent got screenshots, so ill post in my next update!

Will you be glsl or baking everything.

ill be baking most of it, like the ligh rays and shadows on the map and buildings, itll be easier doing that way and look way better.

ill have dynamic shadows (GLSL) on the gun and characters.

the speical FX’s like DOF and water effects will use GLSL too.

ok cool can’t wait.

how do you get DOF to work? Are there buttons or a script?

i think there is a shader or script, Endi made use of it in his tech demo.

ill try it out next week when i get some free time, hopefully i can get a large chunk of the level done then.

another update, showing the platform in the small lake, ill have a building on there with a rather tall sniper tower, making it hard to run straight at the base. youll have to use trees and foilage to get close.

also there is a screen shot with two maps, the map on the left is a hi res texture WIP still though compared to the current map and texture in the screen shots, can you tell them diffrence, detail wise? etc

wow those new pics looks awesome, this reminds me of far cry 2

Thanks man :slight_smile:

ive modeled some more props (trees. rocks etc) for filling up the map, i think im going to start the map again though, i think it might be better to model it in sections, that way ill be able to add more details.

these are images of what i want in the end result;

So i still have a long way to go… also ive had some really good ideas about a multiplayer type scenario, teams of 16 with one general for each team issuing orders to sqauds, calling in helicopters, airstrikes and utilizing radar and traps, but in order to get radar and call in airstrikes etc you need to capture posts behind enemy lines, hold them for a minute or two and you get access to airstrikes and radar… the general wouldnt be playing like the rest he would have a over view of the whole map, it would show his sqauds (split into 4 players), he could issue an attack order and a green arrow would appear on the other players screen… so basically one player would command the sqauds on the battliefield etc etc… i dont know how i would get this to work, but as fas as im aware there isnt a multiplayer game were you can do this…

BIG update!

ive started creating more props, i decided to test a scene out with grass and two shaders there from broken i think, night and bloom shader, big thanks for that! anyway the screen shot is from within the game engine.

i think im going to start making a new map soon!!

That right there is incredible… this looks better than most commercial games. Looks like something from like counterstrike. or Wolfenstein.

Great stuff there, keep it up. I have nothing but the highest expectations for your project.

that is very beautiful.