Guess that... thing...!

Any idea on what it is? cuz i dont… lol. any suggestions on what to make it? I just liked how it looked so i kept it.

it’s an edited picture of a small camera being inserted up someones bowels. Anyway, that’s really cool. High five. I wanna see a wire

haha! yeah thats an idea lol. ill have some wires up soon

Yup. I think you are going to have to title it “colonoscopy”

I’d call it Robot Colonoscopy.

Lol! ok. should i add anything?

Well seeing as i just realized i forgot to save it… i guess i cant add anything now can i? rofl!

Hey man check your temp files. Blender trys to auto save things every 5 minutes or so. If you had it open long enough there might be something there.

Not sure why, but it reminds me of the UBISOFT logo, lol

ugh its been too long i think. idk where id find it. if you could help me u’d be my new best friend

Well due to the differences in OSs I don’t know where it would be located on Linux or OSX but on Windows it might be found in: “C: emp” or “C:\Windows\Temp” I’m not sure at the moment. But also, if you havn’t opened anything since you can pull down the menu bar at the top and click on the autosave tab and click open recent. I don’t know how well this works if you have opened other files since.

haha ok thanks! ill check it out soon