guess the age

well my brother had an “artistic flare…” he was on my comp when he came across some lineart i drew and decided colour it and this is what he done

so if you would like to guess the age vote here, i will post the real age later


102 years old phsycopath with a broken hand

Around 10 years old…or what fly said :stuck_out_tongue:

23 years old.

Looks pretty 10’ish to me, maybe younger like 9 or 8

I’d say he’s still in the potty-training stages

A little younger than me (I’m 13).

I’d guess 5-7 years…


and he needs his arse whooped. man this guy is F-ed in the head.


Looks like a stoned 17 yo.

DAYUM he’s got 1337 skillz.

Was it your dad? Therefore age, hmm, 48?

lol good guesses all valarking was the closesy he is a 19 year old with the mental age of a five year old.


So he’s your big brother that you do not like for some or another reason and you only posted this picture (which was made as a joke) here because your big brother is far more popular than you and has cool friends and a better life overall and you feel insecure and therefore want to make him feel miserable by pointing at these comments and going: “See? This is what people think of you!”?

Or not?

No offence fudge, but it looks like the reason it looks like it was done by a kid is because the starting pictures aren’t all that brilliant, but keep it at it, practice makes perfect.

Lol I think they are 20, maybe 25 not more like that. Awesome babes indeed, :stuck_out_tongue: You know then, well ask one out. :slight_smile:

Oooh I see now, I thought you meaned the babes banner from a dating service. Anyways, that drawing is from someone in a experimental drawing stage. :smiley:

He is very immature. Find him something to do with his time and in the meantime teach him to use something besides MS Paint.

Probably keep him from watching TV and movies for a year or two, also. That would help his senseless violence.