Guess the polycount!!

Guess the polycount of this head and win an imaginary cookie - direct from my brain!

my guess is 200 tris?

I guess 150 polygons.


Oh dear, I guess I must be making needless mistakes cause here is the wireframe
and actually…:o

Its more like 368 faces. The head itself is 282, the hair being 86 itself…

any clues on how to reduce it?

btw, the polyloops here are a result of some reckless experimentation, I started with a more traditional flow, and I just kept meddling with it to try to make it all quads, which I did, but then it also increased the amount of faces by about 40 or so.

this will help your silohette (i can’t spell)


Anyway - very cool modeling! I’ve tried once - and failed… - to make a head. Making a head with a covering like that is quite a challenge! Nice job.