Guess what, I'm getting a new Quad Core Dell XPS desktop. (IT HAS ARRIVED)

I just spent 1300 dollars of my own money on the following.

Dell XPS 630
-WinXP professional with Vista Ultimate bonus CD
-4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz - 4 DIMMs
-500 GB, Hard Drive
Intel® Core™2 Q6600 Quad-Core (8MB L2 cache,2.40GHz,1066FSB) (in other words a Quad core that will more than double rendering speed over my current Pentium D (due to no. of cores, efficiency, and architecture)
-Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB.

Thank you art sales, thank you graduation money, I heard I should get this in time for the 4th of July, or next week:D

very nice almost identical to my build except ive only got a core2duo and ive got 2 8800GT’s. I can promise you wont be disappointed with that graphics card either.

congrats, you can play Crysis on Ultra High (higher than Very High) with that rig ya know :smiley:

I think you’ll enjoy that.

However next time you should consider building your own rig. You can generally get a better value that way.


Crysis is M-rated, and I don’t play M-rated games.

Dell has other machines that are even a bit more of a beast, but the highest end costs over 4000 dollars and I don’t have that much money.

The custom options also allow for a high end Quad Core chip and a GeForce 9800, those options combined compared with what I picked would raise the price beyond the amount of money I have to spend. Oh well, I should have a pretty powerful rig.

and ive got 2 8800GT’s

That was an option on the computer as well, but I thought not to spend the extra 300 or so bucks.

Kudos on the new machine! Tip: In the future, try to go somewhere else, dell has very poor customer service(I know from experience) and their newest computers arent very reliable.

However, Im sure it’ll be great for blender :smiley: let us know how it works!

No it won’t.

My computer is faster than that, and it struggles to run at medium.

I just spent 1300 dollars of my own money on the following.

I love how he makes sure we all know it was HIS money, not someone elses!

Crysis sucks. 'Nuff said.

Cyborg Dragon, Have fun with your new computer!

You could get it cheaper and a faster computer if you built it yourself for the same price though. :smiley:

How does it struggle at medium if it’s faster than that? Mines slower but it can run it at medium at 45 fps… which is more than enough to play it. It struggles to run it at high says fraps at about 16-18 fps it’s still playable but noticeable slowness.

Athlon 64 X2 @ 3.01 GHz
2x1GB 667 Mhz DDR2 Ram
1x2GB 800 Mhz DDR2 Ram (Running at 667 MHz I assume)
4 GB total
Nvidia 8600 GT

i promise it wont run in on ultra high
even with 2 8800GT’s and a massively overclocked (3.6 from 2.6) cpu with 4gigs of ddr2 800 ram i can barley handle it on very high (then again im on a 1920x1200 monitor). Maybe if you were playing at a smaller resolution but the 8800GT’s memory bus is a real limiting factor for it at high resolutions

Strange, there might be something slowing down your computer. Of course I also meant that he could run Ultra high in DX9 on XP, maybe you’re running DX10 or maybe it’s some other issue. If so, the good news is that you’re able to max out Crysis settings, you just didn’t know it. :wink:

Of course with an 8800GT your max res is going to be 1680 x 1050 with those settings.

Even a computer with an overclocked Q6600 and dual 8800 Ultra’s can’t run at ultra-high in a sane resolution.

Just admit it, Crysis is badly optimized.

And no, my computer is clean, and that’s running XP.

Here at work we have had 3 dell’s die on us in the past few months, all of which were bought at the same time. The one I am using now keeps throwing the HD into PIO mode and I can’t figure out why. Dell’s are junk, custom build you’re own :slight_smile:

you know HP, IBM, and apple sell workstations too, but they last longer.

haha… amen to that.

(Dont click if you’re sensitive to mild language)

add a Linux dist and you will have a decent computer.

Yes it could.

And Crysis is ingeniously optimized btw. :wink:

I was modding on it and my map had 3,000,000 triangles, real time AO and SSS, awesome ocean shader, lots and lots of individiaul blades of grass and flower each blade having it’s own shadows, and the awesome physics and textures and huge huge map and I was getting 25fps on a map that I made no effort at all on making it run fast, I was amazed.

But tbh, I’ll be glad to agree to disagree with you on this.

We have 3 Dells at our house and we have had no problem with them.

Heck my current computer is a Dell and it has run fine since I first got it.

and I was getting 25fps

That’s still less then half of the ultra smooth 60 FPS. Besides, I’d probably would have had to spend an additional 1500 bucks to get the options that would play Crysis on high settings smoothly and that was out of range price wise.

A big reason for this new computer is to perhaps more then double my rendering speed in Blender, the 8800 GT is there for the BGE and the few games I still have actually played in recent months.

Just saw 2 Core 2 Q6600 videos on Youtube. Like these 2

Tell me, is it really worth to overclock it to an absurd number like 4 ghz or to a more cautious one like 2.8-3ghz? Or would it be best to keep it at the stock speed?

Oh, I just found, my computer won’t start shipping until July 7th as my father found, perhaps because they need to make sure all the parts are in and then build it. It may not be pre-built in inventory like their very common low end computers. It may or may not come sooner though considering Dell’s usually conservative about their shipping date estimates.

Very good, you better start kicking arse wth that thing, or you’ll be short changing yourself.

Yeah and it’d perform marginally better than an 8600 playing crysis on med (read during down time like 40fps which is decent…if you’ve got low expectations and until you start doing anything). I’ve got an 8800gts oc’d that pounds out 35-50fps depending on the scene and I’ve seen youtube videos with 8800’s in sli that perform marginally better. Not sure about the newer cards out but no 8800 is handling crysis at max settings/max resolution.

Hmmm. Maybe for tomorrow’s hardware yes, for todays…no amount of optimazation would help.

@CD- usually I avoid direct comm with you due to our past, but in your best interest I’ll offer this bit of…don’t know what to call it…oh well here it is. With 4 gigs of ram I hope that xp/vista upgrade you got is 64bit other wise with that 8800gt 512 you’ve only got 3.5ghz of ram BEFORE your OS and applications take thier chunk meaning you would have waisted about…hmmm 20-30 bucks or 1/2g of ram…whichever you prefer :wink:

NOTE all this information is based upon educated guesses, which means they are as accurate as a car mechanic telling you why your exhaust smoke is visiable without actually looking at the engine…actual numbers will most likely be off, but I doubt by much :wink: