Guess what made it to the front page of Digg

I was going throught digg today and found this

It is one of @ndy’s images. I think it is crazy that it made it to the front page. Its kind of sad though if you read the comments, it seems like there is a lot of hate. If you want, digg it, and give it some publicity. Its not too often that things from blender artists, other than orange, peach, etc. get this much attention.

People are dics. No respect for people with more talent than them. Screw that.

It’s interesting that releases get much less attention. See for example.

Interesting how that was considered a masterwork from @ndy here, but the people on Digg call it trash.

People seem to have no respect for the arts on that site.

Wow, I am really disappointed in the Digg crowd right now.

Stranger still are the few comments that suggest this image has appeared elsewhere…

Would have been better if the Digg actual hit Andy’s Blog post about that image instead of just the one image out of context. Check it out:

I think people are reacting to it being an old 3D image that isn’t technically as good as a lot of other images and that it got onto Digg’s front page and I would agree with them.

It would be equivalent of them putting Paris Hilton’s prison experience on CNN.

Now if they had put the image next to the Geforce box with a very similar looking goblin on it and claimed that companies rip off small-time artists, that would have been more newsworthy.

Heh, probably shouldn’t expect much more out of Digg. Do not read Digg for the comments… or the articles for that matter, given 85% of it is blogspam or top 10 lists.

no offense, but whoever posted that to Digg is pretty much the reason I don’t use Digg anymore except just to vent frustration.

I love @ndy, I love that image, and if it had been posted to a Digg-like site for art or 3D graphics or something then I’d be all for it, but as it is, it’s just more reason for me to wonder why the hell they don’t make some sort of effort to administrate their website. Digg is a social experiment, but I’ve had the displeasure of watching it go from really interesting and useful obscure news site to giant politics-and-iPhones “social” site. And on the internet, the word “social” generally can be replaced with “antisocial” (along with various other… adjectives…).

NDigg, lately, has been more an advertisement than a news site. I’m surprised this image wasn’t posted on someone else’s blog before it was linked to Digg, thus netting the poster a bunch of ad profit from @ndy’s work. That kind of crap happens a lot on Digg, and it bothers me that the admins - if they even have admins - completely ignore that stuff.

But yeah, you can pretty much disregard the comment section on Digg. All it is now is just people having a pissing contest, people posting memes or trying to be clever, or trolls. Digg as a social experiment is not really a failure, but the reflection of society it has brought forth is truly disturbing.

Digg used to be one of the best websites ever, and now it’s about as intellectual as youtube, break, collegehumor, myspace, facebook and various other garbage, user-content sites. If I were a supervillain I’d be hatching a plan to make everyone on those sites sterile right about now.

I can tell of sites where people enjoy going as low as they can possibly go, and some aspects of society are just terrible and full of trash now. YouTube is just a full blown minefield of X-rated content sitting next to G-rated content if you do some simple searches sometimes:eek:

I saw a video on SpikeTV of teens cruising around Los Angelous at night just so they can shoot paintballs at anyone they see, FOR FUN, they had absolutely no respect for anyone or even cared about if they ruined their day, they just wanted to see how many people they can knock misery into until they shot in plain site of a police officer.