Guess where I am...

I am in the Intensive Care Unit at my hospital!!!

No… not fun…

So what happened?

Well, last Sunday, at 4 in the morning, I was blendering. All of a sudden I heard a popping noise in my chest, and suddenly, CHEST PAIN! I looked at my sister and turned pale, I said “If I stop breathing… call 911” I thought I was going to die! So I woke my mom up, and we worried for a while, but It calmed down, and I went to sleep. Woke up the next morning (in the process of moving) and had no pain, an hour later, PAIN! So we got in the car and drove to florida (with our truck). So Sunday night when were where in our hotel somewhere in the Carolinas I laid on my side and got all sweaty, and all of a sudden I heard shooshing noises in my chest (like when you make “farting” noises with your hands underwater) and I got really scared… I just thought it was a loud murmur, and I was going to be fine.

So we got down to florida, and I went to the ER (I was crapping my pants) and get admitted Monday night (midnight) I got X-Rays very quickly, and then went to sleep, they didn’t wake me up till 7, (evidently there was only one doctor on call, and the ER was crazy) so the new shifts came in 7 in the morning, they whipped on the lights and after asking what was going on, they said “There’s no time, I’ll explain later” (There was nurses everywhere)

So I get in a bigger room, and he looked at me and said “Your lung is collapsed… we have to do an emergency operation ASAP” So I turned pale and within 10 minute they took a knife to my skin (after numbing ONLY the skin, I was awake, non sedated, and only numbed on the skin) they made an incision about 8 inches under my right arm pit and impaled me with a rod (I felt everything, the rod stabbing through my muscles, and then he shoved it with all his weight to get it past my ribs (it hurt like hell)) So then after he got it to my shoulder basically they had to transport me by ambulance to another hospital (I couldn’t get pain medicine because my blood pressure was too low)

So after they transported me to ICU (Intensive Care Unit) They hooked me up to a vacuum that is constantly sucking air from my chest cavity (because me lung has a hole in it, and it needs room to expand (it’s leaking in to the chest cavity))

I’m in a LOT of pain, and am STILL in the ICU, They have to constantly monitor me because I still have a hole in my lung, and my lung could collapse at any moment, and ultimately, I could crash…

So… there’s my little story…

OH BTW: My condition is called Pneumothorax…

So… yeah…


Holy cow,that sounds like a blast. You really know how to have a good time. Maybe you could do a tutorial so that we all could try and do the same thing. I would love to be able to just collapse my lung at will like that…

Okay,okay,just pulling your leg,ooppss,don’t mean to cause you any more harm by pulling your leg,just an expression you know.

But that really sucks. I hope you get better soon. I never knew that a lung could collapse so suddenly like that.


Exact same thing happened to me. A spontaneous Pneumothorax. I had to be in the hospital for 5 days. They didn’t knock me out for the chest tube either. As I recall, me and the doc were discussing cymbal brands as he impaled me with a tube haha. What a coincidence. Pneumos are fairly rare.

I figured someone in here woulda had one. Did they numb the inside of your chest?

Where was yours done? Since it was the ER they said they didn’t do it the “right way”.

I was just wondering how they were “supposed” to insert it.

The way that saves your life?

Yikes! That would not be fun indeed, hope you’ll pull through this and have a good recovery:eek:

The thing is to let the hospital decide the best method to make sure you pull through, I would think very few people on this forum have medical degrees.

I can symphasize because I’ve been to the hospital before (almost smashed my right eye running into a parked sled while sledding when I was 11), so I know about going to the hospital but that wasn’t the same sort of thing you’re going through.

wow. :eek: that’s pretty intense! You get another get out of jail free card for that one. Pass go, collect $2,000.


I’m glad ye tolds us about this!

Nothing that can’t be solved within the forum!

Hope ye on ye roads to recovery really soon!

Look forward to more of ye python scripts!

(Maybe because ye python squeezes the air out ye lungs, maybe it’s not such a good idea to joke abouts it ain’t it!)

All the best!

Mine was not done right away. First they tried putting me a night on 100% oxygen for a night in hopes that my lung would heal itself. It didn’t work so they had to put the pig tail in. No they didn’t “the inside”. They just put cream on my skin. It was pretty damn painful. I bet having a baby hurts a helluva more though. Oh, the perks of being male.

Yes, it was very painful… that’s funny that they put a pigtail in you too, they said in a real hospital they go ahead and put the “Garden hose” in. Since mine isn’t healing, I think I’ll have to have the garden hose shoved in it…

That may be close to childbirth :wink:

omg! Man, I hope you feel better! ChildBirth is the most painful feeling ever, (I read that in a book) just incase anybody wanted to know… What’s weird is that I feel the popping on my heart too 0.o, but it hasn’t happened in a while… I don’t know if I have it though, I’m scared 0.o, what are the symptoms!

Anyways, I hope you get better!

Uh no you don’t have it. Haha the symptoms are excruciating pain in your chest (aka not ‘popping on your heart’) then if you wait long enough you can actually feel your lung shifting around in your chest cavity when you stand up and such (at least I did, and its incredibly unnatural feeling) and its become very hard to even breath. Then if you wait longer you just die so I think your ok :).

After reading this I immediately looked it up on Google and Wikipedia. Not fun stuff.

No, not fun at all :wink:

I’m still in the ICU, expecting to be here for a while :wink:

Good, that’s a relif I don’t want to be stabbed :\

@Killer: I would probably die if I don’t stabbed in the airpite 0.o If it’s near the pain of childbirth, you can probably understand the pain that a mother goes through. But I think it’s mostly adrenline that is able to push the baby out because the babies life depends on it :\ And I heard that mostly young males get this? :\

The pain must be terrible! And I hope you get better ;),

I sat here reading this just holding my chest. What pain! deserve a gold star or a medal for bravery. Wow. Take care, make 3 renders a day and call your doctor in the morning.

I had one of those a few years ago, too.

On the left side, as I woke up in the moring. At first I thought that I slept somehow displaced and waited a few hours for it to go away. It didn’t and as I had to prepare a report for university the next day I decided to take a walk to the hospital and get some painkillers.
After about 10 steps down the street I had to breathe very heavily just to be able to walk veeeery slowly, so I realized that there was something utterly wrong. Also, I would reach the hospital in more then 2 hourse at that speed. So I decided to stop the next random car and asked the driver to take me to the hospital.
From there on it went very similar to your experience except that they did the incision right away.

Sadly the little fracture of my left lung didn’t heal by itself so they had to do some minimal invasive surgery: under general anesthesia they cut two additinal access holes into my chest and somehow roughened up the lung surface as well as the chest cavity. They both adhere afterwards and finally grow together (after a couple of days).
The upside is that a pneumothorax cannot happen again on that side. The downside is that the lung is now fixated inside the chest cavity and it hurts a bit if the lung gets streched because my chest gets streched for a longer time: mostly when I sleep with my head ontop of my angled left arm. But it got less over the years, and apart from three little (about an inch each) scars I didn’t have any problems ever since.

So if you’re lucky the hole heals by itself. If not, you’re be getting the same treatment I guess. I was in hospital for one week until they figured that it would’nt heal and then they decided to do the surgery. After that it took another week until I could go home.

Hope you’re in a nice hospital, but since you seem to have at least some internet access you have some good diversion for a start… :wink:

One thing I learned in those 2 weeks in bed: the pain I had was mostly due to the cramp of muscels (at least in the 2nd week). I couldn’t move much in bed and the pain was getting worse; so if the pain reliever don’t do the job anymore, try to get a massage for your back! It helped wonders in my case!! Much better then the medicine.

Hope you’re back to normal soon,


PS: how about getting some Blender-distraction? :slight_smile: Let us see what you can do with a hose in your chest in a hospital bed :smiley: Or play some Graviballs :wink:

Naa, nowadays you woulnd’t die because of a pneumothorax! You can live with just one lung, many former lung cancer patients have to…
The problem is that bacteria can accumulate very easily inside the collapsed lung. You will get a pneumonia soon, if untreated. That could kill you, if untreated as well; agreed! The fact that the lung inflates again as the air gets sucked out of your chest cavity constantly, prevents the excessive growth of bacteria in the first place (apart from making it possible for the fracture to heal).

So no need to fear death just because of a collapsed lung, as long as you have a healthy second one working :wink:

How come so many in here have this rare thing? Does Blender cause it?

I think it is a Blender problem.

I woke up this morning with a huge pain in my chest.
The first thing I thought about was this thread.
I was afraid to open my eyes.
I just laid there for a moment in pain.
I finally decided I had to do something.
So I opened my eyes.
To my relief all I saw.
Was this giant Dragon sitting on my chest.
Whewwwwww…what a relief.
I’m okay now.