guess who got a 1080ti for xmas...


Well, that was me:D. yummy.

So i’ve been running some tests and i’m pretty happy with the results, but there’s something I can’t understand, maybe someone can explain it to me.

When I launch cycles in preview mode the 1080 runs at 100% but instead when I launch a normal render (exactly same scene) performance drops to half or even to 15%. I`ve tried playing with the tile size but with no succes.

Any ideas on why this hapens?


File > User Preferences > System and check where I’ve shown. That should help. Congratz on the new graphics card!

Thanks for your answer APICH,

As you mentioned choosing which GC to use in sistem preferences will show blender which card to use for rendering, but my problem is not that one, what i would like to understand is the diference in performance between preview mode in the viewport and final render. Just to be clear when i choose preview render in my system monitor perfomance of my 1080 goes up to 100% but when I render (F12) performance drops down.