Guess who is back ?! Ra....

Hello guys! did this render in cycles.
Zbrush/Blender(cycles) Photoshop


Scary and disgusting. I guess it was your purpose :wink:

It’s a very good job. Congratulations. Only a couple of things: the hair is perfect, but the eyebrows are a bit strange. They don’t look like hair.

And the other thing is the armpit. A bit too high, from my point of view.

Otherwise is a very good job, no doubt. Have a nice day!

Thanks Mr. Chuan. yes true the eyebrows looks strange and I also don’t like that fold in armpit.

very nice, i especially like the eye (all the little folds around and the veins) and the attention to detail on the shoulder (minuscule body hair) WP! best

Hilarious and disturbing at the same time, nice work :smiley:

I like this one!
it deserve more attention :wink: