Guess Who"s Back!

what’s up everyone?
i just got back from a 3 month long vacation in Ethiopia with plenty of getting laid and a side dish of multiple triple swirling intoxicating…fun.:smiley:
Hope I’ll get some eho’s

plenty of getting laid
Well that is good :slight_smile:
I will sleep better tonight knowing this information.
Got any Video footage or snapshots to show us? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back

hahaha. ethiopia…:stuck_out_tongue:

Twenty birr a pop, I hear. You must be broke…

Glad to hear you got laid, finally!!!
Welcome back. Well, actually, you are now further away from me than in Ethiopia…
Lucky you missed the floods, bro.

Not bad for a 13 year old.:wink:

So I assume your HIV has shown itself pretty recently then huh?

Who’s back?
Train Wreck :smiley:

Didn’t even know you were gone.

Btw, buy our dvd. :smiley:

lol LOL…
good to see alot of the old people who have nothing to do still show up here.

lol at big bad…im 15 dude…get your facts right.

orinocco:im impressed at your info about currencies, and hoes?:no:

oreoman3: **** you *********** *****!!!..yea boi 251 projekz!

blenderassist: whats up?

mmph: mmph! mmph! mmph! mmphhhhhhhhhhh!:evilgrin:brings back memories…:stuck_out_tongue:

Sago: free t-shirts?:wink:
oh and happy first birthday…again

valarking:: yeah bitch beware…

First though in my head too, lol! Trust VK to say the things the rest of us are too restrained to say. :slight_smile: