Guest Bedroom in a Log Home

Hi Folks:

This is an EARLY work in progress on a guest room in a quite large log home (the two walls you cant see are log). At the moment, I’m not super happy with the way it looks and would love some suggestions for improvement. I know the lighting is for crap and I’ll be fixing that (right now its just what is coming from the HDRI outside) (suggestions on how to fix it are welcome)


The biggest issue that I see here is the visual artifact of using a wide-angle lens to try to get the whole room in-frame at one time. Experiment with camera positioning and f-stops on the camera settings – normal, wide-angle, zoom – to try to find the most-pleasing arrangement that also puts everything in proper scale. Right now, as you can see, “it looks like a doll’s house.”

In fact, when you’re building and dressing any digital set, “scale” is quite important. Blender now offers various “physical units” – feet, meters, and so on – to make this easier. So, go to that cabin and measure things. Measure the walls (width and height), measure the bed and the window, measure how far it actually is from the ceiling and the floor. Those logs – how high are they? How many inches do they stick out from the filling between them? Then, incorporate those same measurements into your digital set.

Also notice the scaling of the textures, e.g. the roof boards. The UV-mapping determines how the texture maps to the 3D surface. How wide would these boards be right now?

This log home is being drawn from my mind, so no set to actually measure, I do use physical measurements, and as it turns out, I got the bed scale goofed up when importing it – the next edition has that fixed. the tongue and groove boards on the ceiling measure out to 3 inches wide, that has been adjusted via scaling and uv mapping (scaling mostly as I remember) the walls are 10 feet high, and the timber framing logs in the corners and along the ceiling, are 9 inches in diameter, wall logs which arent seen in this shot are 1.2 feet in x or y and 12 inches in z

Thanks for the input I really appreciate it a lot