Guestions about life

What if someone wants something , but never gets it ?

Other guestion I guess, I want to move to California or NY from Europe and I have no guts not the same guts I had as teen. What should I do or how I find the guts ? What complicates this is I think I have realized it wouldnt change a thing… Then again I might be absolutely wrong

Just writing away but I recalled when long time ago someone made a drawing, physically in same location, on paper. Person allmost never drew before… I said to the person it is a great piece, when someone doesnt know what they are doing by knowledge they make master pieces

Bah … !!

“Old Age and Treachery will outdistance Youth And Vigor every time!” :smiley:

(koff, koff, wheeze …)

Seriously: “don’t ask for affirmation from anyone else.” If you want to come, then come. It is always much easier to ask for forgiveness …

The meaning is to have a purpose. (What you are chasing and going for).
Not having a purpose to find a meaning. (Think that if you get X you will earn Y).