GUI design with python API


I want to create a GUI using python API scripting. The problem is that I found the some API functions very limited. For example I can’t change the buttons appearance. Does any one now wher could I find the implementation for the API? In order to make my own button class??

Or in another way, does any one know if it is possible to dessign a GUI with oder libaries and run it in blender?

Thank you.

The GUI elements are coded in C language. They are not independent componets the traditional way. The Python layer is just a wrapper to this C code. It would be highly usefull to derive an independent component set of Blender GUI elements, so they could be used standalone inside and outside of Blender. Practically this would mean writing an own GUI toolkit. At time there are existing GUI toolkits like qt, gtk, wx, but none of these works fully in OpenGL. If you know OpenGL it would be possible to find the drawing routines from Blender source code, and utilize them when designing your own component set.

If you are talking about the 2.49 API, feel free to check out my scrollable list box.

The list box is made up of a multiple state button. You can use OpenGL to just draw what you like. Then process the mouse events as they pass over the rectangle of your control.

Thank you guys!

I will try making my own objects with openGL. Hope they work!