GUI effect for computer console screens object


So how are effects for a computer console done? A basic jpg could be used as a static effect. What about actual working animated graphical screens? Can gif files be used in the game engine?

No, you use UV offset animations, google sprite sheets.

alternatively you can use render to texture and place many sprites ‘inside of’ a new texture.
(some animated and some static)
using a seperate scene and camera*

I know what a computer is, also what a console is, also what a screen is, and I also know what an object is.

That said, I have no idea of what you mean by “computer console screens object”.

Ohh, but I’m pretty sure that you don’t wanna use gif for that.

Edit: Ahh, now I get it, like BPR said, use sprite sheets.

So have multiple images to make an internal blender like a gif image file to create the look of a working display on a screen?

I tried one sprite packer program. So it is essentially placing images into one image.

The sequence of images don’t animate. I did follow the instructions in a clip. But the example in that was two images of equal size in width and height.


Check out spritify by fweeb, or spricle by Goran.

Does the actual mesh piece need to be seperate?

I don’t know know how to get anything animated for the moment. I did create three seperate mesh pieces to represent different images. I’ll leave that task for the moment.

if you need more then 1 actor using the same animated texture, I use objects on a hidden layer that have the uv tiled, and do replace mesh for each frame,

Edit: I present to you something strange and wonderful.


DrStrangeBlend77277_44339.blend (1.09 MB)