Guide update Q

I was wondering if the online version of the blender guide will ever be updated if it hasn’t been already. I bought the hard copy and was kinda annoyed becasue it was refrencing to the blender without Raytracing. It has a lot of ways to fake operations that require raytracing, but I would like to see the same chapters inacordance with the newer versions of blender. I mean, that was part of the reason it was put on the web wasn’t it?

Just my 2 cents.


Actually all new features are always documented in the release notes with each new version.

It’d still be nice if it was all integrated into the guide though - that’s a bit obfuscated and spread out.

I guess I should just shut up and help do it though, really. :stuck_out_tongue:

from what I understand, eventually it will be integrated into the online manual. The Documentation team has just been busy, thats all.
:smiley: it takes alot of work to add to our documentation.