Guided Camera line?

Is there some way that I can make a line that moves all over and have the camera only ride along that line?

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Yeah, wrong place for this, but I’ll answer anyway. Plant or OTO will probably move the thread to the correct place soon…

Use the method from this thread:

This is kinda’ similar to what I mean. The thing that I need it for is this silly little 2 player game where there are two balls and one has to knock the other off of some platform or race somewhere. I have a bowling ally level in which there are little walls set up everywhere down the lane (the lane is very long) and the camera is behind the the balls. The problem with this is that the obstacles are in the way of the camera, and I was wondering is somehow I could make it so that the camera moves through the obstacles kindof like the ball does so that you can still see them. Another question that I have is if there is a way to make the camera track to halfway inbetween two objects? Thanks for your help.

You could raise the camera above the walls so it can see the whole lane? So it doesnt go through any walls?

2nd question track between two objects? So you have 2 objects moving in different directions and you want the camera to stay between them? Pointing towards what?

You can do that with a script. Find the center of the two objects and place the camera there.

There allready is a script for this, I think you can find it on among blender examples, download section.