Guild House

This is my latest personal project, your feedback is very welcome:

Everything is done in Blender, rendered using Eevee. More info here.


Great. The only thing I wonder about is if the ground squares could be arranged differently, or more/less.

How did you get the gradient background? That’s a nice touch.

Thanks for the feedback @Boder . Regarding ground squares; I tried to follow the original concept as closely as possible. Where it deviates from the concept art is mostly due to my limitations.

Regarding background gradient; I posted about my node setup here. It’s not the final version of it, but still should give the idea. BTW you don’t need to do scale up and down, it’s there to avoid huge blur radius.

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Thanks for replying about how you did the gradient. I will have to look at your node setup. That’s great that it is all in Blender.

I found the original concept. I can see the squares are placed just like the original.

The watermark in the middle is unfortunate :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart!

Collage of WIP images.

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