Guild War's Warhammer Model

Hi there,

This is my 1st real project that i've started... Tell me how you like it...The links below the pics are links to a bigger resoulution of the Model!! 

 I am not total finished yet, i still have to fix the reflection of the floor (it has lines running through it), add some type of wall/curtain behind it, and make the lighting better... 

  Plz give compliments, suggestions, or complaints...i will appreciate anything... :)

(for all you non-gamers, GuildWars is a mmorpg game that is hopefully coming out soon) :smiley:

:expressionless: Ok… i know its not All THAT much…but can someone say something about it even if its bad… :expressionless:

well, i kinda like it dude, it looks very nice to me.

You really did a nice job with the texturing there, about the reflections if you don’t want it blurry like that then your best bet is turning off the nor button if you have it on.

It looks good, the hammer head has a nice texture, makes it looks like it weighs a tonne.

i like it, nice textuing and modeling,
do you work for this game company or just a fan
very nice detail on the close up
got a character to go with it, maybe a huge warrior beast, that would be cool

Thanx for all the feed back,

Kansas_15 Thank you for the advice. i never thought about it thanx…

Wu Thanx for the complements. Actually, i am just another die hard fan for guild wars. I don’t think i am even old enough to work for the company at age 15… but thank you for the complement… Now that i think about it, i will try to get a charcter to go with it… its worth a try… thanx again.