Guilty Gear 2015 shader in Blender 2.81

Looking great. Editing video part 2 about how to recreate this shader.
But honestly, there´s a better way. Just look at GranBlue Fantasy Versus.
I went for that shader deconstruction as well, and I´ll soon publish my findings so anyone could take a look at it.


You’ve got my attention :slight_smile: I’m looking for something to make my characters shading on Resilience Satelle look more like this.

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I’ll be following this for sure.

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Sure thing! Once the video is out, you may ask all you need to clear any doubts.
I am extending the shader to a more artistic approach.

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Much appreciated. Most likely to be aired on Saturday. I´ll be posting that on the YT channel.

Hello !
First of all, thanks for your videos about NPR shader, very informative.
I was wondering what is the major difference between your method and this one ? :

Have a great day :slight_smile:

There are lots of ways to create toon shaders.
The method I present is the one used to simulate the exact look of the Arc Soft System company which developed Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball Fighters Z, GranBlue Fantasy Versus using custom thresholds and an ILM map.

I see, I will definitly check both methods.
Thanks for your answer !

@DavidRivera Hey, did you ever post your findings on Gran Blue Versus’s Method of shading? Thanks in advance, David.

Hi @Froton, not yet: I have had a lot of client and commission’s work. Hopefully I will be delivering everything and fully go back to the Stylized series. I am eager to put out the rest of the materials (part 3 and 4) specially since part 4 involves stylized shading effects and scripting!
Thanks for keeping up. Subscribe to the channel. I post a lot on Community tab on youtube.

You’re welcome, looking forward to it.

Part 3 has been released now:

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@Froton I finally got the time to reconstruct the GBFVS shading. Man, was it hard. Video soon to follow.

I just saw this message now since I started resuming NPR research yesterday. (I spent the past year and a half researching hard surface modeling and other aspects of 3D, throughly.)

I’ve been afraid to approach NPR until now.

That looks really amazing, you even got the subtle gradient look down as well. :fearful: Very impressive.

I’m right now at the part for normals editing, and I’m trying to find a method I saw months ago and though I saved, but can’t find it. Somebody used geometry nodes or some kind of node to get perfect custom normals on their NPR model, totally bypassing the need for data transfer or normal editing. But I might be misremembering. :eyes:

Here are my own NPR models.