Guilty Gear Xrd shader : NPR in real time

Hi !

I made a quick tutorial about NPR shaders. That’s not only Blender related but the renders are made within the viewport of Blender :

Here’s the PDF link :

Hope it’ll be usefull for you :slight_smile:


This is great! Though I would like to see some more detail in how this is done, like the UV mapping, how the texture look.
I myself am pretty new to much of the 3D works, I have some ideas of my own, some of which are based on assumtions from what I’m seeing but I’d like to see more from those that know so I (and others) could have better direction.

Nice model indeed! :slight_smile:

Did a little searching and found Motomura talking about this, not quite in full depth, but still very detailed. :yes:

would it be too much to ask for the blend file?

Indeed, a blend file would be really handy. It doesn’t have to be the model you have in the first post, I think the pdf isn’t enough to really understand how you did it. So please, a .blend as reference (one of Blender’s monkeyhead Suzanne for all I care).

Thanks in advance.

For the .blend file, please ask me by MP, I don’t put any link here.

A big thing that they used for Guilty Gear that Blender unfortunately can’t do yet, is manual normals adjustments (EG along the nose and cheeks)- if shading didn’t look quite right, they could manually rotate normals until they got the desired result.

@Captain Oblivion : Look at the normal editing from blend4web, a bit tricky to use but handy for more control over normals editing :

Hi, this technique is awesome, good job for porting it to Blender.

I am interested also in a sample to see how it works, I do not want this exact model since it might be precious, but I am interested in a very simple model (like a monkey or a teapot) only to set this thing up. :slight_smile:

Currently I have created the shader but I try to figure a way to change the normals of the surface. I found this addon object_transfervertexnorms that allows you to transfer normals from one object to another but it didn’t work as expected.

Also I will try to find a way to get the light direction directly to the normal node of the shader (a py driver?) since it will be much better as a controller. Note: It seems that the light does not act as a light at all, it’s only theoretical, the actual “lighting” is only normal based.

guilty gear.blend (590 KB)

Their addon is perfect except for one major thing: it doesn’t work with armature modifier.

OMG! This is AMAZING I just registered in the forum looking for some help but this thread already made my registration priceless. Ok I may overreacted a little because I am a newbie and a don’t get much of this stuff but my goal is to create and indie 3D fighting game like Budokai Tenkaichi with this graphic design wich totally rocks.

Thank you so much for showing this :smiley:

That was fixed in the new normal editor. :slight_smile:

Where can I contact you, I would really like to have the shader. Thanks in advance

this is awesome, too

Thanks for the the great tutorial. I have been looking for NPR in this style for ages.

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