Guinness - fictional ad

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after creating the Pint a few days ago I made this fictional ad / banner (or what you want to call it).
modeled in Blender 2.63 and rendered in Cycles (1000 samples)

critique and suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

I like it

I will echo what McBuff said in your other post though: Get some condensation on the glass. Model a few water droplets and use a particle system. it will really add to the realism.

Good work

EDIT: i have just re-read your other post and seen that you tried the condensation and didn’t like it. I really suggest you give it a go though. if nothing else it will be good practise even if you do abandon the idea. I seem to remember BlenderGuru having a Dirty Window tutorial that my help. Good ol’ Andrew P.

No doubt, you could sell that image as-is for example as a billboard sign. You could also make it more appealing in various ways, but these might push-up the quality of printing that is needed to convey the “appealing” effect, so you could definitely sell this graphic as-is. Nicely done.

thanks guys

Yeah I’ve learned a lot through BlenderGuru :smiley:
I remember the tutorial and also the one with the energy drink ad but in both he uses the internal renderer …
It seems I have a mission for the next evenings :wink:

I think a lot of people owe blenderGuru for helping them through their first Blender steps.

If nothing else then at least 100’s of people now read the word Blender in an austrailian accent… “Blenda.”

The fact that the tutorials are BI shouldn’t hinder you too much, just try to adapt them. Water material is easier in cycles.

Good luck!

This image is actually quite good from a graphic arts standpoint. Although it doesn’t have a photorealistic look to it (not sure if that was your goal), it definitely has a consistent style and colour palette that makes it appealing and would work well as an advertisement in a exterior sign, etc. Perhaps the issue is that the glass is a little more photo realistic than the rest of the add. Maybe pushing a non-pr version of the glass would make the whole piece a bit more consistent. Overall, I really like it! From an ad-design standpoint it’s actually much better than a lot of renders on BA.