Guitar, amp and probably a few other things

Hello! :slight_smile:

This begins as an SMC. After the contest i kept modeling and texturing, and when the guitar was finished, i decide to make a scene with more elements.

Here are the 2 things i have finished so far. :smiley:

C&C are welcome.

Sorry for my bad english.

Lookin good so far … no crits at this point (though it’d be nice to see larger versions). Keep it up!

cool…(oh and your english is fine…:p)

Don’t electric guitars usually have pick gaurds? If not, maybe you should put some scratches on the finish cause you know it’s gonna get roughed up once I start playin’.

Cire: Here is a cliche composition with better resolution

-Frustration-: thanks
Atom : Not all the electric guitars have pick guard, and if you use plastic pick is difficult to make scratches.

Here are other 2 things, this are old, now have more details

I’m starting a bass, Probably I will do all the instruments for a rock band :slight_smile:

Well here is the other guitar, this one is orange:D.

No model work, but a lot on textures. Probably this one will have a guard pick or will be cover of “scars”:p, but i dont know for sure. :spin:

After a while and learning to use luxrender, i am reviving my post. With this image.

That looks real nice … though, the angle’s a little extreme - too hard to see that beautiful guitar’s face!

Awesome! but cire is right.