Guitar and Dof Test.

(0ptikz) #1

Tell me what you think:

(Ecks) #2

Nirvana!!! hehe :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Really nice! I really like it! keep up the good work! :smiley:

(ePlastik) #3

That’s amazing work, I wish I could do something like that one day…

(paradox) #4

nice guitar nice dof well done

and to ePlastik you can, 1. keep practicing (do lots of tutorials)
2. Don’t give up. We were all new once.
Welcome to Elysiun.

(bmax) #5

“well dung!!” :stuck_out_tongue:

the guitar simply looks amazing. wow. i bet it took a long time to get just the right shape.

keep on blendering.

(Xtra) #6

Looks realy great, but something seems to be wrong with the “cable-crossing” in the background.


(Eric) #7


There are things that make this guitar non-playable.

  1. The strings have all the same thickness.
  2. The picups-magnets should be right under the strings.
  3. Where is the beer!?

(Riskbreaker) #8

Dear lord…he’s right!!! Where’s the beer??? :o

Love the DOF, which method did you use? (I go crazy over cg with great dof 8) )

You got a good clean scene there. Eric’s right about the strings and the pickups though, but its good enough (real good) :smiley:

(macouno) #9

The bridge looks odd… I’ve never seen one like it. But then that is the only thing that seems odd… which is amazing.

Some of the cigarettes seem to float?? almost that is.

But gee… that’s well done… wowee

(Caronte) #10

Nice image!
The DoF effect needs more blur at the background (IMHO)

(0ptikz) #11

Haha, I’d give anyone who can play a CG guitar a million bucks :smiley:

Seriously tho’, you made some good comments on the string thickness and the Magnets, I’m guessing you know a fair bit about guitars.

About the beer, Change it to a spliff and I would agree with you :wink:

(0ptikz) #12

I used Zblur, Its quick, real easy to get to grips with and produces nice results.

(bg3D) #13

Only crit: bg no likey koRn. :wink:

(Bense) #14

Very good and nice picture

(GemaRastem) #15

That is very nice, I agree with the magnets and strings and also there are some cigarettes that are facing forward and they are white inside, I would make it look like there was tobacco in it. Also it looks like the black and red cables go inside eachother. One more tiny thing is that you might want to put grips on the knobs on teh guitar, it is hard to turn perfectly smooth knobs. Other than that it is a great picture.

(jordanH) #16

it is Dave Parson’s Project!
you know… Dave Parson…Alan Parson… ok…
nice picture though

(blengine) #17

aw sweet!!! the only thing that ruins it is that korn shit… booooooooo! go back to alaska! boooo! i hate korn, but that pic rules 8)

(Bapsis) #18

Thats an awesome pic dude!!!

You know, as a guitarist and blender head you would have thought i would have modeled on by now (got enough of them in the house for reference of quite a few styles). But bla bla me me…this is about your pic, which rocks!!! Iv always thought you made some beautiful stuff in Blender and glad to see that your sticking with it!!!

I look forward to more pics from ya!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(kai_yak) #19

Very nice work!

Here is a couple of comment form a guitar player point of view.
A part from what was mentionned before.

1- Pick guard on guitar are ussually screwed on not glued like on acoustic guitar.

2- There should be holes in the pick guard so the pick up can go thru them.

3- The bleue cable should be more at a angle and could also be a little lower.

4- There should be a metal plate where the cable commes in the guitar.
See this picture

Hope i wasnt to picky. :wink:

Keep up the good work.