Guitar & Bass playing

How many of you people play guitar or bass? Do you play them often or rarely? What’s your music style? etc. etc.

Questions about playing here.

I’ve been playing guitar for almost 6 years, I play it regularly, and I tend to play Alternative rock such as Muse, Radiohead and Weezer.

i have been playing guitar for 3 years. i have discovered that i like funk and blues, as well as some alternative rock and industrial-type metal. it really depends what mood i am in. but i hate country.

Playing for 25 years, guitar and bass, hard rock, blues, metal, dislike country.
love neoclassical hard rock and anything that is technically challenging.
artists, black sabbath, metallica, led zeppelin, hendrix, extreme, van halen, mr big, joe satriani, billy sheehan, malmsteen.
thanks m.a.

oh… i play guitar too. I play alternative and romantic songs. alternative I play of course on electric guitar, but romantic on my old classic guitar(it’s about 60 years old!!!). mostly I play only chords, but sometimes(SOMETIMES) solo too :slight_smile:

Playing guitar for about 6 years now, but since I don’t practice much I usually only play some chords. Those cool sounding soli (Van Halen, Rage, …) are just some levels above my skills. :frowning:

I’ve been playing Bass for a while now, still working on improving my skill though.
I like most styles, with a preference for Metal, Hard rock, Alternative and Latin. Maybe some Jazz and Blues as well.
I’m currently still playing with a teacher.
I’m trying to get used to various playing styles, so I can have a choice later on. It’s more interesting to be able to use AND a pick AND two fingers for plucking the strings, depending on what sound you want to create. I’ve tried my hand at bass chords, but I’ll need some practice.

I’ve been playing for 35 years, both guitar and bass. My favorite styles are blues-based. I play a lot of “old blues” tunes, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Howling Wolf, John lee Hooker, etc. I also like Robert Cray’s style quite a bit. I seldom use a pick, preferring to create expressions mixing single string and chord styles by finger-picking…

My advice to anyone who wants to play proficiently: learn the fretboard, man. Work the scales until they are second nature. Don’t watch your hands on the fretboard either. Learn to “hear” your notes without having to look to see what fret your in.

All the really great players have said they practiced, practiced, practiced.

I’ve been playing guitar for around 7 months, now. My main focus is sight-reading music well, so I play mostly lead, and some rhythm. I normally practice 5-6 days a week, and take a lesson once a week, when I have transportation.

I’ve got a basic electric guitar, and I play mostly “classic” sounding stuff. (Not classical though, because it’s pick-style material.) I’d like to learn some rock styles, sometime.

I play the classical acoustic guitar. I’m currently saving and gathering up money to buy me an electric one, though. Been playin’ for about two years now. I sometimes play a few times a week and sometimes once or twice in two weeks or something like that. I also havn’t taken any lessons. Learnt it with the help of my father and the internet.

It’s more interesting to be able to use AND a pick AND two fingers for plucking the strings
Hybrid picking? If so, my teacher does that when he plays. He uses 2-3 fingers to hold the pick and then uses the remaining fingers to pick strings.

but i hate country.

Ah, someone after my own heart.:yes::smiley:

I’ve been playing for about a month, and in fact just put it down :slight_smile:

Cheap electric, but I couldn’t do a nice guitar justice. I like playing solos from metallica, and basic rhythm from iron maiden. Some classics, like a few oasis tracks too, but I’m crap at chords.

Not hybrid per se, but I mean that I try to learn both and not focus on one style too much. The warmer and rounder sounds of the fingers are more useful in certain styles while the sharp notes of the pick are useful in others (and I love both sounds, depending on the context). But the idea of a hybrid is interesting… Switching technique while playing is one thing, using both at the same time is another.

I practice the bass at least 30mins bass every day, rain or shine.
Yesterday we played to a crowd of about 1200 for waitangi day celebrations.
In the band we have 2 x acoustic guitar, 1 x Banjo, 1 x Dobro, 2 x violin, 1 x lead Bass (me) 1 x supporting bass.
So you work out the genre. Kind of upbeat bluesy, country.
The set we played:
God Defend NewZealand Medley/Hybrid
Country Roads
The Narrow Way
Dueling Banjos

i play guitar and bass. I’ve been playing for about a year and 5 months now :). I play classic rock, blues and a little metal(mostly metal from the 80s)

I play guitar. I have a small collection of them available. My original cheap acoustic (your first is often your best ;)), my small travel acoustic (air plane friendly), a Variax with a guitar pod xl for nawty sounds, a cheap electric bass guitar just because, and a very strange 80’s casio midi guitar.
I also have lots of electronic studio equipment including samplers, synths, controllers and an electronic drum kit, DJ decks and cd’s and other things, but you never asked about them so I will shut up.
The thing I need the most though is time to play with them all. My boss asked me where I was going on my weeks holiday next week. I said “My basement where my toys are :)”


I play Guitar for around 6 - 7 hours a day now I used to play only 4 hours a day but since my goal is almost impossible I would say I need the practice. My aim right now is to be better then , Mick Thompson , And Herman Li And to become a legend like Jimmy Hendrix

Yes I would say its gonna be amost impossible for me to get that goal thats why I practice alot more now. :RocknRoll:
I play Metallica , Slipknot , The autumn offering , Arch enemy ,And Dragon force stuff like that on Guitar.

I listen mainly to only Slipknot and Dragon force. I listen to Pink Floyd and Ozzy Osbourne

I play guitar and piano… i know the second is not an option but i figured id mention it. I play occasionally, I used to play quite frequently. Classical is what I play on piano and metal is what I play on guitar.

I play Guitar for around 6 - 7 hours a day
Wow.:eek: My wrists would probably break in half if I tried that.:wink:

@ Charlesworth999: Cool.:cool: Finger-picking’s fun from the little bit that I’ve done.

I have been playing guitar for a year and a few months. I try to practice everyday, and I try to focus on fingerpicking and learning weirder chords. Im currently working on the intro to “Crazy on You” by Heart (A great fingerpicking song for anyone looking for a challenge). I have my acoustic, and am building an electric.

Actually, Im using blender to build my electric, I made a model of the body, and am going to cnc that into the wood. It’ll still be alot of work after that, but still, it’ll be fun to have built a guitar using blender.