Guitar Blender Game

Hello everybody!
I have worked in this game already 7 months.
It is a game stile “guitar hero”.
Yes the name says all it, sorry if I’m wrong writing because I’m Brazilian.
“Guitar Blender” this name of my project!

I used pyGame for manipulating audio and synchronize the notes.

I’ll leave here some videos about the project, and will be posting updates and more, coming soon.

First test, begin of the project:

Second test, the project began walking and i did a editor for make notes in txt arquive, for keys of guitar.

Thee test, new music and stuff

Four test, update buttons

Five test recent , new Stage and audience

Thanks for all! I so glad.
More updates visit my youtube channel:

Thanks again.
good bye

This is looking great! :smiley: Especially the last video looks amazing :slight_smile:

Is it actually playing the music? So if you miss a note, will that note still be played or not?

This looks really great. The crowd (and band) looks fake if you look close, but you’ll be concentrating on the notes. You should make it so that you actually pick up the keyboard an hold it like a guitar, that would be great.

wow! how did you get it to play the parts of the music as you hit the buttons?

Hey this is great, congratulations!!!

Hello everybody!
I bring updates!

thanks man!
Yes the notes are in accordance with each song.
I did an editor to add notes in the songs, create a file “notes.nts” and that file is loaded into the game for each song, leaving the notes in the exact sequence.
And if you miss a note, volume down, and returns to normal when hit again.

Thanks man!
Yes the band was very false, but I continue to use 2D for her.
I surrender to another and now the band is excited.
I also did the system to play the keyboard like a guitar.
Thanks for the tip.

Simple, I created an editor to add notes in music, after I saved in a file for each song, and the game loads the file containing the settings of the notes

Thanks man!

Well now look at the list of elements in this update:

System of play using (f1, f2, f3, f4 + enter to confirm) transforming the keyboard into a guitar.
Save for music score
Upload music score by
Write the complete name and make a record in music
Count + star + percentage score
new songs
And other things …

Here is the video I hope you like

Hey its great but this looks like frets on fire!

did anyone notice tat he has set it so that you can hold your keyboard like a guitar now? f1 f2 f3 and f4 are all in a line, and the are on the other side of the keyboard, allowing your hand to wrap around :D…you should make it so that they have to press f12 to strum!!! that would make it much more fun!!!

or space, or something in the strumming area…

its looking good, i remember being really into guitar hero and rock band a few years ago before i started playing real guitar, i sa alot of these projects go down, but this looks steady, keep it up!

Outstanding work. Great detail.

Hello everybody
I have bad news;
Forgive me for HAVING removed some videos of my channel.
I had to remove because it would not have trouble with copyright.

But the project continues, and will post here when finished.
Thank you all.:frowning:

hello everyone!
In the end I did a demo with seven songs for you.
I hope to test, comment and report bugs.
Thank you for your attention here is the link:

----[Game controls]----
Notes = F1, F2, F3, F4 and press ENTER to confirm the notes!,
Holding the keyboard like a guitar.
—[ ]—

Thank you for your time, check back often!
Soon more games …
Thanks :yes: