Guitar body by using Cube Mesh

I’m working on a new render on an electric bass guitar and I’ve got the neck done and I’m working on the body. This is how much I have on the body.

I’m stuck and I don’t want to redo this all over again. This is attempt with the body #3. Can someone help me with the rest of the body? Is there a node or set of nodes I can use, or do I just experiment? I’m afraid because I’ve been working on this (plus the neck) for about 3 hours and I’m stumped plus I’m stressing out a bit. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and happy Blendering

I would do it somewhat like this

then add a subsurf, tweak it, don’t forget to use “o” to activate proportional editing, it’s useful!

(edit: this is not “the” solution, but I hope it’s a good start. Propably the upper part could be arranged)
(edit 2: I see you’ve started with a cube, it’ll be simpler to start with a plane or just an empty object and place vertices with CTRL+click, then extrude the shape)

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Okay, I think I get the idea. I can probably try using the plane idea that you suggested on another layer and see which is a better outcome.

This will be a first modeled render that I’m not using a tutorial video. I can’t wait for the outcome of it.