Guitar Capo

Nothing overly exciting, just a few hours’ work (and about 40 minutes of that was rendering). Currently aiming to render most of the objects on my desk. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:

Ps. Done in Blender 2.49a, internal renderer with AO and a lightprobe

that looks awesome dude. i really need to learn to do all that stuff, your texture work and depth of field look rockin

It looks so real I want to pick it up, put in on my guitar and start playing :smiley:

Good work!

Modeling and materials both look very good (thought just for fun you could add the impressions of the strings in the rubber). I would have left a little more space around the object/ balanced it in the frame more carefully, but it’s nothing major.

well done. Its so realistic that reminds me why I stopped playing the guitar and learned double bass lol.
Joking of course, its a fine render.!!! Its more bright than it should though, maybe PP did it? And, just for rendering, please give a try to v2.5 alpha2, its much faster.

It looks like my capo that just always sits there. I should break mine out today.