Guitar (cycles render)

I was looking back on some old projects of mine thinking what would give a good result in cycles and I found this model. The resulting render turned out pretty nice so I thought I’d post it.

Edit: Fixed some topology issues on the body near the camera.


Wow, really nice render! Great one, i can say!
It’s time to take a look at Cycles, i think. Nodes are not my best side (

wow nice!
how did you do the environment? (specular/reflections)??
I didn’t really had the chance to use cycles, so I’m not sure how to light and texture etc… (Also I’m not used to the material node editor ^^)

I love the detail in this image:
look at that plastic over the knobs!

There is just 1 thing: I can see its CG because of the edges on the bottom of the image. Even though it’s blurred it’s pretty visible :blush:
Sorry for that :wink:

That’s awesome :slight_smile:

The details, lighting, chrome, DOF… everything just works well together.

Agree on the body close to the camera, looks low-poly, but thats the only thing I can comment on, the rest is marvelous.

Thanks for the comments and critiques, yeah I was noticing the body issue after the render. It’s not so much a low poly issue, it’s more of a less than ideal topology issue. I was just being lazy and didn’t fix it :o I’ll clean it up and re-post.

As far as the environment, it’s actually pretty simple. I’m just using an HDR image for the environment texture on the world material.

Alrighty, topology problems are fixed, I updated the original post with this render.

this looks fantastic! i wanna learn how to create a render like this with a guitar. keep up the great work

lovely. the DoF and reflective bits are well done.

I suggest adding a tiny tiny wood texture displacement on the guitar body. Looks plastic.

dude this is sweet

I second FreeMind on that. Everything in the image is clinically clean. You want a wee bit of bump or dust somewhere.

Unless of course the super smooth look is what you are aiming for, of course.

Very nice bit of work, and excellent detail too.

yeah, a little variation particularly on the left side would help the render. Shouldn’t be wood grain, but something to make it not quite so perfect would be good. We’ll see, if I get some time I might re-render it.