guitar (first wip)

Hey guys my first wip nothing special I suppose but anyways this guitar is almost finsihed so I would like some c+c before I finish it. The materials are just a test.

Very good!

would you render in yafray?

I don’t know every render I do in yafray looks weird I guess I can use this one to get better results. any crits?

Looking good.

Right now, the only thing is the brass knobs in the first image seem to have some polys. Use set smooth on them.


Nice! …is that a Gibson LesPaul or Epiphone? 8)

Its a lespaul a friend of mine said it would be cool to make one so I said id try. hopfully today Ill get more of it done :smiley:

Looking cool. Maybe when your done model an amp to connect it to 8)

well guys heres a update. Its was just a slap together one becouse I think I want to be done with it.