Guitar For Sale

This is one of my first finished render with blender. I’ve been using the software for about 3 weeks now and so for I like it a lot. Blender FTW!

Took literally 3 hours or so of messing with the cloth simulator to get the backdrop working.


i love the draped curtain effect behind, did you use a cloth sim or not? and the guitar itself looks awesome well done :slight_smile:

just read that it was a cloth sim lol

Yes, it was the cloth simulator - my computer does not really have the firepower to plow through the simulator like it needs to so just running the sim a few times to get it right took all afternoon.

My wife kept asking what I was doing just sitting there watching the a piece of cloth fall down over and over. :slight_smile:

First impression - where can I buy. ^^

Really like the colors. Very harmonic. Only the floor seems a little off. But thats probably just me.

Good work anyway.

What is it about the floor that bothers you if you don’t mind me asking. The floor slopes up but that is because of the draped cloth effect.

I like it :slight_smile: i would work on the composition a little… maybe move the guitar+stand left a bit… not sure if that would work or not though :stuck_out_tongue: nice work!

I like it!
Only it seems to me that there is not too much antialiasing (especially on the strings)
… but maybe it’s the image compression
Great material, maybe the textures of the cloth is a bit big large IMHO… but it is a matter of taste! :smiley:

Is that a Maton? I recognize the pickguard.

Yes zapper - it was modeled after a the EBG808 and I am a huge tommy emmanuel fan :slight_smile:

In that case I have some critique since I own the TE signature model, and even though I know it’s a “finished project”.

On mine the pickguard is dark red tortoise shell pattern. The soundboard is much more yellow/golden. The back and sides are a little more desaturated and the headstock cover is light brown while the underneath and neck are slightly darker. The saddle has two hex screws on each end of the pegs to hold the pickup and the saddle also matches the sides. Also, the bottom of the neck has a little tail on it just like the bottom of the saddle.

Of course if you weren’t going for EBG808 accurate then disregard all that! :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks great! I think you should make the wood texture a bit shiny. But thats only my opinion. Other than that keep up the good work.