Guitar - Les Paul - Update 02/11/04

A friend and I were talking about what style of Les paul we’d both have if we could afford it, so I thought I’d modell them. Just the model at the moment, the texturing’s coming soon.

C&C welcome

looks good so far. how did you model the body of the guitar it looks like you got a nasty little problem by the neck. I did a les pual A while back. but never really finished it. :smiley:

To make the body I just got a picture of the guitar, made it the background and pretty much drew the outline extruding vertices. The I added more lines of vertices in the body and made the faces to create the curve. Extruded downwards, subsurf x2 and there you are. I see what you mean about the neck, I’ll have a look and see if I can sort out the faces for that area, might just end up changing the camera angle though.

Ok, I’ve done the texturing, c&c welcome as always, my friend’s colour scheme will be up soon.

that looks really good. great job.

i don’t know guitars but is the pickup supposed to be crooked?

This is a really nice guitar. If you’ve ever played one, you know how freakin’ heavy they are. I would say you should make the body of the guitar thicker. Make it seem more heavy somehow. On most Les Pauls the edge of the body is flat with some sort of inlay around the top. So all I can really say is make the body thicker. Right now it seems like the headstock is too big, but I’m pretty sure that is just because the body is too thin.
Looks really nice, body contour is nice. Maybe make it more shiny, and find a different more “metalic” looking texture for the pickups.
Rock on.

Catfish: I’m pretty sure the pickup’s are like that, although I don’t own one so I can’t be sure. Yes, I intended them to tilt anyway.

Corsica_S: Don’t quite understand what you mean about the body shape, I’ll make it thicker for my next update and see if I can find a better metal texture though.

Cheers, new update tomorrow.

Nice looking Les Paul. The body looks a bit different to most versions of the guitar, but the customs bodys can look like anything you want really. Looks a little like the shape of a PRS to me.

Good stuff keep it up!

OK, here’s the latest, with my friend’s colour scheme too. Thinking I’ll do some other gutars too, maybe make a showroom of cool guitars eventually. PRS Soapbar SE next methinks.

Cheers for the comments guys, keep them coming.

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