Guitar Pedals Effects NFTs collection

Hello all, I have been lurking around for some time now, but why not share something I’m working on with you!

Some background on the project, Good GAS is a collection of custom designs and real pedals - clones of the originals and brand/names modified to avoid legal wars, there’s no real goal or end for this project as this is meant to be an expanding collection. I work with my own ideas but accept collaborations, so few of the designs feature the artwork of other artists for example. Yes, they are on sale as NFTs, but not counting on becoming popular, just a lot of fun to work at.

On the tech side, they are all rendered in EEVEE to speed up the process, I built a small archive of components I recycle, so the creation of new pedals is quite streamlined. If you want to know more please ask, I will probably release a video on my channel at some point, also accepting collaborations, so feel free to get in touch!

I also post them on the usual Instagram and Twitter