Guitar Scene

Hello everybody,

please have a look at my first architectural interior scene, a minimalist living room of a musician.
I struggeled somewhat with the lighting, so helpfull comments are welcome.
All models and textures are made by myself, the Photographs in the Pictureframes are taken from pixabay.

Let me know what you think.


Hi Andreas, it looks good! I really like the guitar! Overall the scene is pretty good but there are a few things you should change. First of all the floor looks flat. How to fix it is add bump or a normal map. Also I think you should put the wine on a table or something because personally I wouldn’t put my drink on the floor. But other then that good job!

Hello Andreas, this is my first post. I’m also doing my first interior architectural scene (I’m almost a beginner…but maybe I can help you).
Well I think you have done a very good job.
I agree with Syberius on keep working on the floor, especially the part of the wall.
The composition is good, but I would try to move the guitar in the place of the amplifier. I also think that it might be too many sources of light. I really love the texture of the walls. The pictures and the sofa looks also great.
Good job.:yes: